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Black Country Living Museum

As part of my studies I visited the Black Country Living Museum in order to take some shots for an assignment I was working on. The museum is a must for your bucket list to visit, especially if you are interested in photography.  My visit was in December, the day was not too cold, but the weather was very cloudy and a tad wet.  There were not many visitors, which suited me just fine.


I also like the fact that there were not too many Christmas Decorations up, this may have caused some problems with causing a distraction to the shots I wanted to take.


I had my 'second' with me. Patricia. She is a god send on trips like this, as carrying my photographic equipment is can be a exhausting.  The staff and volunteers where all in charactor and happy to pose for a photograph or two. I would personnaly like to thank:

Laura and Kevin for making it happen

Jane, Anne, Roger, Chris and Simon for acting out my tableau photograph.


The site is quite large, different areas. There is an area dedicated to Victorians Times, and another dedicated to the 30s, to name but a few.  


Great day out was had by all...

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