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The Kelpies in Falkirk stand over 30m tall and weigh over 300 tones.  The sculptures made of steel, are a personification of equine history and the lost industries of Scotland. They are also based on the Clydesdale Horse, Carnera who was used used by the soft drinks company, AG Barr, and was reputed to be the biggest horse in the world at 19 hands high, capable of pulling 3 ton wagons loaded with soft drinks.

The problems I encountered on the day, was other visitors, rain, and ever changing sky, from bright sunshine to dark clouds.  The sun reflecting on the steel, was a problem at times, and I had to wait for the sun to go behind a cloud before I could take some shots.  The other problem I came across were the electric cables and pylons.  The best view point meant that they were right in the frame.  I only removed them in one image, as I felt they were a part of the landscape. 


The sculptures were magnificent, I knew they were big, but till I experienced them myself I didn't appreciate how big they were.  I spent the day ducking out of the rain, getting hot when the sun was out and chilly when the dark clouds came over, but it was a wonderful experience.


Photographing sculptures is not really something that I do often, so I hope I have been able to bring a little of the magic I felt, to the viewer, so they may experience the grandness of these specticles.

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