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In May 2024 I had a chance to visit the Serengeti and experience not only the wildlife, but I was able to spend some time with the Masai. The experience was amazing and my shutter-trigger finger worked overtime.  I took a number of lens' as I didnt know what to expect. Was I going to get close up to the animals? or would I need a telescopic lens to photograph the little dots that may appear in the far off horizon? Would I need two trusty Canons', each with different lens's, preset settings logged in, ready for any occaission, bright light, dull cloud, shade, animals off in the distance? animals fleeting past needing quick action, without recording a blurr?


I dont really have the patience for wildlife photography, and I applaud people like Johan Siggesson  whose work has encouraged me out of my comfort zone.


Well I need not have worried, yes there were times I just couldn't act quick enough, or I had the wrong lens fitted for capturing a certain shot.... yes lots of shots were a blur, but I didnt care, the most important thing was.......... I was having fun.... and to me this is the best thing about photography, I'm no professional, but I enjoy exercising the shutter-trigger finger....

I was lucky enough to visit Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro as well as the Serengeti National Park, where there are no fences and the wild life is allowed to roam where they wished. 

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